Knowledge Sharing Activity Under the Project Blended Learning Solutions to Advance Gender Equality in Education in Uganda

CEED Concordia, Kabale University (KAB), Canadian Institute for Mass Communication (CIMC) and Action for Development (ACFODE), herein referred to as “The Consortia”, with the support of Funds for Innovation and Transformation (FIT) and Global Affairs Canada (GAC) are organizing a knowledge sharing workshop. The main objective of the workshop is to showcase the results of the implementation of the project Blended Learning Solutions To Advance Gender Equality in Education in Uganda

The project was designed to test an innovative solution that promotes gender equality and empowers women in the teaching profession in Uganda as a direct response to the recently approved National Teacher Policy that threatens to exacerbate gender disparities in the largely patriarchal country. In November of 2021, The Consortia started implementing the project in South Western Uganda, under the flagship of Kabale University and concluded implementation successfully in September 2022.

The knowledge sharing workshop shall therefore be used to share the results of the project implementation within and outside the area of implementation.


  • To showcase the results of the project “Blended Learning Solutions to Advance Gender Equality in Education in Uganda.
  • To create a documentary that showcases these results and promote it globally.
  • To hold a panel discussion with key stakeholders to discuss the initial objectives of the project, results to date and ideas on how to further its reach.

The knowledge sharing activity will include;

  • Interviews with beneficiaries of the innovation, local leaders within Kabale District and high profile stakeholders.
  • A one day workshop that will hold a panel discussion with experts in the areas of; women in education and the challenges they face, Gender Based Violence, the National Teacher Policy and the role of Information Technology in Education
  • 1 Hour Video Documentary showcasing both the interviews and the one day workshop
  • Infographics shared during the one day workshop showcasing results of the project implementation.

Timeline and venue
The event will cover a period of one week and all activities will be carried out in South Western Uganda.

  • Five (5) days will be used to carry out the interviews in different locations within Kabale, Rukiga, Rubanda, Kisoro and Rukungiri Districts. These will run from 21st to 25th of August, 2023
  • One (1) day will be used for the workshop and panel discussion, that is, 25th of August, 2023, at Kabale University, Kabale, Uganda.
  • Final Report due in November.
  • Video production (End of September)

Expected Outcomes

  • A global audience for the achievements and milestones of the project Blended Solutions to Advance Gender Equality in Education in Uganda.
  • A one hour documentary showcasing all events of the week as a reflection of the outcomes of implementation
  • Broadcast/coverage of the video documentary on one of the major television networks in Uganda to further its reach
  • Fostering a spirit of collaboration between partner organizations that could lead to future joint ventures where interests are aligned.
  • A total of at least forty (40) people attending the one day workshop
  • A total of at least ten (10) people interviewed as part of the video documentary
  • A one day workshop including a panel discussion covering



Start Date

August 25, 2023 9:00 am

End Date

August 25, 2023 5:00 pm


Kabale University Main Campus


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Target Audience

Unit of Affilication